To the editor: Together it works!

Dear Community Members, Concerned Area Citizens and Media:

Thank you for your interest in the JE situation. It is my hope that the community, not the courts, will ultimately solve these problems. And, that a new awareness and genuine sense of concern and constructive involvement with school matters will make us better than we were before.

Management styles vary and an organization's management needs change over time. But, the heartless, deeply destructive, "in secret" management coup attempt by a faction of the Board of Education and a few others is destructive and ultimately very expensive.

I do not know what is motivating this coup which has targeted by my count at least nine people and caused even the best and most dedicated employee to ask, "Am I next?" I do know this. The damage will be far reaching if allowed to continue unchecked. My long-time friends Ken Bush, town of Elbridge Supervisor, Dick Platten, the mayor of Jordan, and Hank Doerr, the mayor of Elbridge said to me recently, "Bill, it will take years to undo the damage that has been done." Let's hope Ken, Dick and Hank are wrong, and that we can stem this tide and become even stronger in our resolve to be the best we can be.

In my opinion, the current chaos is the result of misinformation, outright lies, hidden agendas, secret pacts and bad counsel.

I doubt the three new board members are ill-intentioned - misinformed yes, but not ill-intentioned. But sadly, all the board members are guilty of taking definitive actions on the "say so" of very questionable sources. In every case, the information they rely on is refuted by what is shown to be the real truth.

Very good people have been treated very badly with no regard for their professional or personal reputation, or future livelihood. Superintendent Dominick is a friend and a respected colleague. Okay. Maybe people want a change. But, Dominick has always been well intentioned and has worked tirelessly over the last eleven years. She does not deserve to be treated with such contempt.

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