Kirk proposes seven-foot LED sign in Camillus

Dick Kirk, the developer who renovated the near-condemned 55 Main in Camillus - soon to be "Krabby Kirk's Saloon" - applied for a permit on Oct. 14 to install an LED sign on the east side of 75 Main St.

"The building sign proposed is 29 inches high, 7 foot 3 inches long," said village codes enforcement officer John Williams during the Board of Trustees meeting held that night. Gasps from the few residents in attendance indicated their concern.

"Don't you have a sign ordinance?" one attendee asked.

"We do have a sign ordinance, but the problem with the sign ordinance? ... That can meet the existing sign ordinance," Williams said.

"You address it with the new overlay, you don't right now," he added. The overlay district was drafted by attorney Steven Primo and presented at a public hearing in August - but it's not yet finalized.

"No matter how objectionable it is, there's not a thing we can do about it," Primo said. "However, knowing Mr. Kirk, and the fact that he's a reasonable guy, we might be able to negotiate some sort of accommodation - maybe even downsize it a little bit."

If Kirk resisted a compromise, Primo continued, "I could not advise this board to now come up with something overnight ... in order to circumvent his right to a permit."

According to Williams, Kirk said that the sign would feature a banner advertising his business as well as scrolling public service announcements. Both Williams and Montero were uncertain on the details.

"What the board needs to do," Williams said, "is look at the proposal, have Dick come in next month and discuss what he really wants to do with the [sign]."

"He's been a reasonable guy; he's worked well with the board," Primo said. "We can talk to him."

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