Skeele on scouting

The second attitude is ambassadorship. These kids are willing to put on a uniform to represent Pack 54 and its principles and laws. They've been learning it from Dad and Mom for a while and now learning that they will have to represent others in life starting with God, and some day an employer or a military uniform maybe. Soon it will most likely be a sports team. The antithesis attitude is individualism where I represent only myself and am the center of focus in life. Kids and adults express this in so many ways today.

The third attitude is obedience. A mentor of mine long ago often quoted, "I fool does not delight in understanding, but only in the revealing of his own mind". The kids are learning that the laws and principles of the Pack are there for their safety, protection and furthering of the Pack. The antithesis attitude is obviously, disobedience. There are consequences to both attitudes in life being blessings and curses. At this stage in our son's lives, the consequences are small usually. Later in life, they are bigger and impact more people.

The fourth attitude is humility. When a law or principle is broken, one needs to have the humility to accept correction and learn from the error. Being fallen human beings, this attitude is essential to possess and demonstrate to others when correcting or being corrected. The antithesis is arrogance. "Who are you to tell me?", is the verbal and body language communicated, or "Well let me tell you....", pointing the finger when three are pointing right back at you.

The last is stewardship. The money we raise is for uniforms, campouts and helping others. They learn to care for themselves, having clean and neat uniforms, respecting and caring for nature and learning the joy of serving another individual in need. The antithesis attitude here is consumerism. Life isn't about getting the most and consuming on oneself. That gets old and doesn't fill the void in our lives meant to love another.

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