Battle for the 50th

DeFrancisco will run on the Republican, Conservative and Independent lines; Joy has secured Democratic and Working Families lines.

To see their debate, broadcast by NewsChannel 9 on Oct. 15, click here.

Here's where the candidates stand on a variety of issues important to CNY:


DeFrancisco: Voted for a one-year moratorium. "I believe the issue came on the heels of the horrible oil spill and it just seems to be that isn't just a red light, that you better be careful and do some more review."

Joy: "I am against high-volume hydrofracking in our water sheds. We have spent too much money and there's too much invested in our community in our pristine water sources, and that's one of the assets that we have. We can't jeopardize that."

Property tax cap

DeFrancisco: Voted for three cap proposals. " The only way it works is to have reductions in state spending. There's got to be reductions in spending to go hand in hand. You have to reprioritize state spending and make sure that state spending is leaving enough money to provide that education dollar."

Joy: "There's not an absolute. The tax cap alone sounds great but there's much more to it than that. If you're going to have a property tax cap, make it for real... overall property tax caps would be advised but you have to close the loopholes."

Redistricting legislative districts

DeFrancisco: "If you redistrict and one house is controlled by upstate and one house is controlled by downstate at least there's going to be some give and take in the redistricting process. If the crew that's running the Assembly and the Senate right now are going to make that decision it doesn't bode well for any place above Poughkeepsie."

Joy: "I think the way that it needs to happen is through a non-partisan commission. I would make sure when it gets to legislature for a vote, its either a yes or no vote - no more tinkering. It should not split counties, it should not split cities or create voting blocks." Supports an independent commission that would make recommendations based on geography and demographics.

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