Visiting around town

This week I've been very busy with chats with different folks around town. First, I stopped at the Ford garage to needle Peter Kuhns about the lack of sophistication of some of the features of Sue's 2010 "Car of the Year" Fusion. It seems to lack many functions of my GM vehicle (referred to as Government Motors by Pete). The sync system by Microsoft and Ford is no OnStar. It doesn't call you and tell you to get down there and have your oil changed. This poor car can't even turn on the headlights as daytime running lights unless it rains. It also has no provision for opening your garage door. The cruise control works by some little switches on the left side of the steering wheel and if your fingers are short and a bit abused by outdoor mechanical work for 50 years, it is very easy to disrupt the speed of the vehicle. If you have driven GM cars for 20 years, the controls have been the same button and slider arrangement to run the cruise control for all that time. I've had five different vehicles, with no learning curve there.

Why did she buy this deficient car? It runs well, it is fun to drive, it's small enough for her and large enough to stuff me inside, and it has hometown service. Where else could I go to slide in and have a chat about cars? Besides, they like Mr. Lemon.

Peter has grown some face fuzz and it must be for some theatrical event. I sat in on a magnificent dialogue between Peter and one of the large dairy operators. This was a continuous sparring back and forth and it also involved the other dairy guys. They all know what the others paid for their last three trucks, how much they each got for the trade and how much Peter sold the traded trucks for. This was a very lively discussion and the dairy guy predicted that it would probably be in the paper this week.

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