In search of a condo ...

The better half and I love our place on Skaneateles Lake. We've been coming to the lake for 15 years and have owned our place for 11 of those years. In looking a few years down the line we anticipate retiring to Skaneateles someday. In preparation for that time we began, about three years ago now, to look about for a condo in the village. To be honest we were prepared to purchase a place prior to retirement and, in talking about that possibility we would joke about the benefit of having a place in the village to escape to when the population at camp on a summer's weekend became overwhelming.

More than 11 years ago when we set out to find the 'camp of our dreams' we were walking down Jordan Street and came upon Williams Realty. (They have since moved to East Genesse Street.) Popping our heads in the door of the realty we came face to face with a small blonde woman - sort of a little kewpie doll person, if you will. Her personality was perky and she was very welcoming. In sitting down and speaking with the 'kewpie doll' we learned her name was Gail Brewer. Thus the beginning of a relationship that has persevered over the last 11 years. I say persevered because although we found our 'dream camp', with Gail's help, in a reasonably short period of time (one month) we have pursued other purchases over longer periods of time. Within a year of our first purchase Gail finalized a second for us. And, over the last three years Gail Brewer has persistently taken us - sometimes repeatedly - to see condos in every corner of Skaneateles village.

Not long ago I had a native of Skaneateles village tell me that I knew the streets of this location better than she does - this of course is the result of spending many hours walking to and fro in search of the CONDO. Actually it has all come in rather handy - I know little alley ways and such that I never knew before and I can get from the M&T Bank to Kinney's in a snap using my acquired little cut thrus here and there. I have even learned of establishments where I can entered one door and leave thru another saving several minutes on a trip. Guess they'll be on the lookout for me now.

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