Cat conundrum continues

"If you find a feral cat some place, you catch it, you neuter it - end of problem," she said. "That individual cat is going to be less of a problem because they're not going be fighting as much, they're not going be spraying and, of course, they're not going be having kittens."

"I agree trap, neuter and release is great," Councilor Colleen Gunnip said. "We have to keep doing it, but it's a difficult decision to tell somebody that they have to live next door to a colony that has that many cats."

Young said there are many useful ways to protect a home from the individual cats that cause persistent problems.

"There are electronic devices," Young said. "There are repellents. There are sound devices, and devices that spray water and there are ways to modify fences. There are so many things you can do to protect your yard from cats."

But those measures cost money, and homeowners may not be eager to foot the bill to protect against homeless cats that they don't own.

The board decided to continue to consider its cat conundrum before it passes a resolution.

"I think we have a little more work to do on our end," said Town Supervisor Mark Nicotra. "This certainly is not going away."

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