Vernak Farms Store expands

If you haven't heard, Borodino's Vernak Farms Country Store (VFCS) on East Lake Road has great pizza. This is because Chris and Charlene Vernak are from Point Pleasant, New Jersey, and believe it or not, pizza and subs are to Jersey as sausage sandwiches and salt potatoes are to CNY.

Starting this month, Vernak Farms will not only be known for pizza, but also, compound pharmaceuticals and "Barbie," too, as it adds a pharmacy complete with prescription drugs, analgesics, vitamins, sundries and toys.

Compound pharmaceuticals are specialty made products that don't fit in the normal pharmaceutical drug lines Charlene said. These are the exceptions to the rule. For example, specific hormone replacements, pain management creams and even lollipops for pain management used with hospice patients. Specializing in these products will broaden Vernak Farms' reach, by diversifying their business, so they don't have to depend on one sector of the market, and at the same time provide the locals Rx needs, including delivery.

Charlene is a pharmacist. While growing their Spafford based market, she worked in the village as a pharmacist at the P&C and CVS. She said opening a pharmacy puts them in a different buying group, so they can bring in more items, at a competitive price.

The Vernak's can't say enough about how the residents of Spafford have supported their business.

"People have really gone out of their way to support the market," Charlene said, adding that many of their suppliers have also made a special effort to help them out, too.

Her mom Claudette "Cookie" Strnad also moved to the area, and together with her significant other, longtime resident, Curt Lederman, they do odd jobs for the Vernak's, which sometimes includes babysitting for Mary, 8, and Catharine, 4.

"Honestly, I could never pull off my life without them," Charlene said.

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