Seeing double

EO: Do you expect to have any competition in Manlius? Kimberly's Ice Cream is right down the road.

RN: Kimberly's, I mean, it's an ice cream shop. We're not really competing in a direct sense with Kimberly's. They draw the ice cream crowd, we want to draw the gifts and chocolate crowd.

EO: For the first time in 22 years, the Chocolate Pizza Company will open up shop in a place that doesn't already know what a chocolate pizza is. How do you approach that?

RN: Our marketing is going to have to be specific in the fact that, people hear chocolate pizza, sometimes they think chocolate on dough, chocolate on cheese ... not the best impression we want. So we have to design a nice marketing strategy where we can get the chocolate pizza out, use the Food Network clip ... and get them to know that it's chocolate with an English toffee.

EO: In your best words, what is a chocolate pizza?

RN: A chocolate pizza is premium chocolate with English toffee ground into it very fine. On top it has pecans, walnuts and almonds, and it's covered with a white chocolate drizzle.

EO: But you don't have to get the nuts on top.

RN: You don't have to. It comes without nuts as well, which is my favorite.

EO: Does the mystery of not knowing what a chocolate pizza is bring a lot of people into the store?

RN: It does. A lot of people stop in and say, 'I saw your sign, I had to stop in. What is a chocolate pizza?' And that's when we hit 'em with a 'Boom, here you go. Chocolate with an English toffee.' And they're customers for life.

EO: How will the new store compare to the shop in Marcellus?

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