Madison County agricultural district open enrollment in October

Agricultural Districts play a vital role in protecting agricultural land in Madison County. These areas have been officially designated by the county within thirteen agricultural districts. Agricultural districts help preserve the agricultural industry, but also preserve open space and rural character.

October has been designated as Madison County's "open enrollment" period during which properties can be added to an existing agricultural district. To enroll, contact Madison County Planning Department at 366-2376 and ask for a survey form. Each Survey Form requires the tax parcel identification number and acreage of the property. A description of the land must be included with the request.

All requests for inclusion into an agricultural district must be postmarked by Saturday Oct. 30.

The legal criteria for an addition requires that the land be highly suitable for agricultural production, and that there be evidence of ongoing, genuine farm activities such as annual gross farm sales, recent capital farm investment, and evidence of it being a major farm operation.

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