F-M Pop Warner Cheer: Onward and upward

In the meantime, we watched team after team in all the divisions compete, including the other 12 teams in Cassidy's division; they were very good, which made us very nervous. F-M's older team also performed; they were excellent!

Then, the moment of truth. Only the top four in each division would go on to the next level - competing in Albany. Cassidy's division winners were announced first - we sat as winning team number four, three and two received their red ribbons. Could it be that we didn't even make the top four? I had nothing with which to gauge this possibility, as this was all new to me.

Then, the booming announcer's voice said, "The League Champions for Junior Pee Wee are...drumroll please...F-M!" and we went wild! The girls were jumping up and down and hugging each other and their coaches and nothing could compare to the sheer rush of knowing that not only did the girls do their best, but did the best in their division. The older F-M team also won their division.

This experience, for Cassidy, has been a rewarding one so far. It has taught her discipline, camaraderie and the importance of working as a team towards a goal.

I've learned some things also, about both my daughter and myself. I've learned that my daughter can be very focused and determined when it comes to achieving a goal and that she is much more confident of her abilities than I was at that age.

I've learned that I don't just want my daughter to win. I want her to know what it's like to be part of something bigger than herself; something that benefits from her talents; something she loves and can claim for herself.

I feel these lessons are important, confidence-building ones that will help shape the young lady she is already becoming.

So, on to Albany they will go. Win or lose, they will do it together. And I will be proud.

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