Let us not forget our local trust and duties

Since September 2008, the media has exhaustively expressed moral indignation over "Wall Street's" greed, and each one of us, in our own way, has suffered from the recession precipitated by it. Yet, greed within our own community, related to the money to be made in natural gas extraction, threatens to damage our everyday lives more tangibly than anything any New York City banker ever did.

Fortunately, we live in a democracy where a community can collectively say "no" to hydrofracking.

Activist groups have already mobilized to protect our community, but they need more support.

The local moratorium, passed recently, is a start, but only a start, and so much more work is left to do at the local and state levels. There are many ways to get involved and/or learn more about hydrofracking and its risks. At the bottom of this letter I list a few good starting points.

If nothing else, the recent calamity in the Gulf of Mexico should make us pause to consider how much risk we are willing to accept and the credibility of those who have defined that risk, and to verify that appropriate safeguards are in place if we allow hydrofracking to proceed.

Finally, other sides of the hydrofracking story must exist, and my letter is not meant to offend anyone. Each person must make his or her own personal decision about the tradeoffs one would make to achieve a desired level of material comfort. Indeed, the world in which we live is an expression of the aggregated outcome of these decisions. My hope is that our successors here find reason to thank us for the result of that expression.

Hydrofracking Resources:

E-mail- walter@toxicstargeting.com to join an activist information distribution list

Video- "Gasland" an award-winning HBO documentary about Hydrofracking

Facebook- "You Can't Drink Money- Hydrofracking Awareness Group"

Website article- http://www.renewableenergyworld.com/rea/blog/post/2010/08/why-pennsylvania-needs-clean-energy-part-i-fracking-out-of-control?cmpid=rss

Website- www.shaleshock.org - a good source for information about Hydrofracking in the "Marcellus Shale"

Robert W. Nichols III is a resident of Skaneateles.

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