Is your hat too tight

Mr. Lemon has been a good boy lately

Last Sunday I guess I did not latch his invisible fence collar securely and it fell off. We left him at home with a small bone for three or four hours and he was there waiting on our return. I didn't notice that the collar was gone until around 6 pm. We launched a many-eyes search of the one-acre property and Victoria found it in the southwest corner at one of his observation posts.

He has been spending lots of time outside at night, but has come running when I put on the LED headlamp. The light makes his eyes shine even if I can't see him and the light seems to charm him into coming in for a bedtime goodie. I'm sure I could have interrupted his Greenfield Lane sortie if I had known to search for him with the headlamp rather than the 5-pound 35,000 candlepower searchlight. It worked as a searchlight, but it was so clumsy I couldn't catch the dog. I think the LED headlamp should be called a "catch-um" light.

Joe makes his home on the Western Shore of Skaneateles Lake with Sue. You can reach him through the editor@skaneatelespress.com.

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