Town of Elbridge responds to county's tax redistribution

We as a board find it unconscionable that another political body has the audacity to then claim this tax increase is the result of the actions of the town of Elbridge and the need for us to be more transparent. With the budgeted tax credit for 2011 to be $317,934, by comparison the 2010 tax credit was $944,990, the county would receive an estimated additional $627,056 assuming tax revenues are the same amount as the prior year. Therefore, for the estimated $627,056 amount in sales tax revenue the county will keep, the town of Elbridge will receive no additional services.

Furthermore, the county executive is always quick to put the Carpenters Brook Fish Hatchery (the only county-operated entity in our town) on the items to be cut list.

Furthermore, the town has taken the responsibility that belongs to the county to maintain Tow Path East as a drivable surface in the winter months with no reimbursement of cost.

Furthermore the town has taken responsibility for Hamilton Road, a county road on which our high school is located, as the county was not diligent in the care of this road. Meanwhile the county continues to maintain a parallel state road, Rt. 317, at a higher reimbursement from the state than the county offers the town for taking on their responsibility.

We furthermore reject statements by our legislator Robert Warner that state mandated Medicaid costs are in excess of 50 percent of the budget. Recently published accounts** in the Post Standard ("Onondaga County Tax Bills to Keep State Mandated Label" by Rick Moriaty, published Nov. 3.) state this cost is significant, but the fact is all state-mandated costs total 21 percent of the 1.1 billion dollar 2011 budget. We reject the misrepresentation of this grossly exaggerated figure as a means of justifying the extraction of a projected 78 percent increase in our taxes.

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