Dog tag; we're it!

Pollard said she never once used it.

"We have a better handle on our database than the state does," she said.

While the town of Elbridge has its own database as well, Steve Remp, the town's dog control officer, will feel the loss of the statewide registry.

"On weekends it will be a pain in the butt," he said. "The database was a big help to me on weekends; during the work week I can call the town office."

The town of Camillus, whose dog population towers over that of Marcellus, has relied entirely on the database ever since it was established four years ago. The state's catalog made it easy to transfer dogs between towns, said Town Clerk Martha Dickson-McMahon.

Dickson-McMahon noted that when the dog control officer finds a dog from another town - one that is properly licensed - he will now have to get on the phone and track down the appropriate town official. The new law requires the tags carry the name of the town and the town's phone number, along with the registration number.

Aaron said Skaneateles is giving animal control officers, Matthew and Rose Olszewski, the power to license a dog. Plus it has added a pet lost and found to its website, which the animal control officers will monitor. This includes making sure there is nothing freaky added to that section.

"Some people's interpretation of pets," Aaron said, "You never know."

She said that problems arise with our proximity to Cayuga County, when dogs wander over the line untagged. She said if pet owners do the responsible thing and license their dogs the town will easily be able to find and return the pets because the new tags as of Jan. 1, 2011 will have the town name on it.

Licensing their pets also helps because "They won't face the hardship of losing their dog," Aaron said.

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