Are you a road hazard?

Driver: That's right, I was!

Officer: And he was instructing you to get right to the hospital for immediate care; and that would explain why you blew through a stop light, and two stop signs.

Driver: I really don't remember all of that. I have lapses in memory. Actually my own dad died with Alzheimer's

Officer: Sorry to hear that. I can see clearly now what is going on. According to your testimony before me, you are driving a car with a faulty speedometer. Also you have bad eyesight, and missed seeing three speed limit signs, two stop signs, and one bright Red stop light. You also said you find yourself short of breath as you drive, and are under a doctor's watchful eye, due to lapses in memory - that you are predisposed to Alzheimer's like your father before you!

Driver: Thanks for understanding!

Officer: I do understand, perfectly! By your own admission, you should not be driving a motor vehicle. You put too many others at risk, in particular yourself. I will have to ask you to turn over your keys to your car and find a ride home. You will not be driving yourself anywhere! So, please step out of the

car and...

Driver: Officer, excuse me, please! It turns out I was exaggerating a little. I'm sorry I broke all of those traffic laws that I was fully aware of. I will be careful next time to follow the rules of the road, and I will be sure not to use my cell phone while driving again. As for the seat beat, I guess I forget to buckle up from time to time.

Officer: Thanks for finally being honest! I guess most folks can be truthful when they find themselves backed into a corner. Are you ready for your ticket now?

Driver: Yes, Sir, Officer, lay it on me!

Don Ford is a storyteller and environmentalist. Many of his true and fiction pieces are drawn from nature. He is a published writer and poet from Central New York, with works that appear in Portugal and in Cyprus, in Adirondack Life Magazine (2007 Annual edition) and Guidepost Magazine's "Angels on Earth," May/June 2006 issue.

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