Are you a road hazard?

Writer and poet Don Ford, of Fayetteville, recently wrote a fictional conversation, following a prompt posted on one of his writing websites which he belongs. The challenge was to interview or pretend to interview someone and write the results. Ford chose a chat between a police officer and a driver, called, "The Great Excuse."

"Syracuse is one of two test cities in New York where they are strictly enforcing the seat belt law and watching closely for cell phone use between now and Thanksgiving," said Ford, noting his story is timely with the approaching holidays. "Folks will have to think long and hard after reading it. Maybe some will read the caution between the lines and save themselves time and money."

'The Great Excuse' by Don Ford

Every police officer has to listen to hundreds of sordid reasons why a driver broke the law. Enjoy the following fiction scenario, or is it fiction?

Officer: Do you know why I pulled you over?

Driver: I have no clue. I know I wasn't speeding!

Officer: I have you clocked at 55 in a 35 MPH zone.

Driver: That darn speedometer, it always lies to me. I can never depend on it.

Officer: I see! And you weren't wearing a seat belt.

Driver: Officer, I took it off as soon as I saw your flashing lights. I knew you would immediately ask for my wallet and license I.D.

Officer: Except for the fact that I have been following you for a while and I never saw that belt on you the whole time. License and registration, please.

Driver: The truth is that I can hardly breathe with that thing so tight around my chest. It is too restricting. I am experiencing a few health issues as well.

Officer: That might explain why you were also talking on your cell phone. You were no doubt talking to your physician.

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