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Sue and I are back from our 21-day marine adventure. I'll mention certain vignettes from time to time about things I saw that piqued my curiosity.

We stopped in Cadiz, Spain and the shore map indicated the Museo del Mar. As you would surmise, I am drawn to this sort of venue like a bear to a honey tree.

We walked off the ship and wharf and hailed a cab. I showed the driver the map, but when we got to the location, it turned out to be a seaside park and a gated area.

The facilities are used for theatrical and musical productions, probably on the weekends.

We walked back toward the dock area and passed through a handsome square with upper income apartments surrounding it. The map indicated that if we followed San Francisco Way, we would reach the main divided boulevard that parallels the waterfront.

It was close to the 2 to 4 pm. siesta time when all Spanish stores and restaurants are closed, reopening from 4 to 8 pm. The street was wide enough for delivery vans and public safety vehicles to snake their way through, but it was primarily a pedestrian passage with lots of coffee shops and small eateries. There was a larger establishment, which was sort of a small supermarket with lots of customers bustling in and out.

A small dog that looked a lot like the "His Master's Voice" dog "Nipper" on RCA products was sitting right in front of the door opening. This little fellow appeared glued to his spot, but he swung his head from side to side when folks tried to get his attention. I watched him for about five minutes and he stayed at his duty, waiting for his owner and then the return home for siesta time and probably a small snack. I think the dog was mostly a Jack Russell-type terrier.

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