Landsberg takes the grade

Stacia Landsberg has been capturing and providing poster size photographs for all Waterman and State Street Schools grades. These hang in the hallways for the enjoyment of the students. This year she added the ability to purchase 5x7 prints as a fundraiser component for the elementary schools Parent Teacher Committee (PTC).

Landsberg is a professional photographer with a line of greeting cards that are sold nationally. Her business is called Stacionary. She credits the late Karen Foltz of Pomodoro I and II in Skaneateles with getting her line of cards picked up for national distribution.

Her contribution to the Skaneateles School District began when the Landsberg's son Solomon started kindergarten, Stacia knew as his mother, she wanted to do something extra for the school.

"I wanted to do something to contribute," she said, "Like all the mothers do."

So, she asked herself, what can I do as a mom and an artist? She remembered back to when she was in elementary school and how her whole grade took a trip to Washington D.C. After seeing the sights, they were all lined up on the steps of the capital for a group shot. Not a class picture, but instead her whole grade.

She knew Skaneateles had individual class pictures, but what if she captured each grade? Stacia approached Waterman's principal, Mrs. Marianne Young, and asked permission to provide this free photographic service. Permission was granted enthusiastically. Next Stacia selected Waterman's distinctive, colorful playground as a backdrop. After capturing the pictures, she blew them up poster size and decorated the hallways of the school.

The kids really enjoyed picking themselves out of the crowd. They'd walk by the enlarged photos and say, "There I am."

That was four years ago. Solomon's sister, Graeson followed in his footsteps and entered Waterman, meanwhile last year he moved over to State Street upon entering third grade. Stacia continued capturing images of the Waterman grades, but also approached State Street's principal, Mr. Woodruff. He was also very supportive of the idea. This time they used the big tree out front and the school building as a backdrop.

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