Littlehales' memories of Krebs

In the late October edition of the Skaneateles Press you asked for favorite memories of the Krebs. Here goes:

On Friday July 19, 1929, Larry Bates invited the whole Littlehale Family for dinner at Krebs - ostensibly to celebrate my ninth birthday. Actually, the affair was to announce his engagement to Mary Pierson, a family friend whom he had met at our cottage on the lake. The engagement took, and they lived a long happy life in Seattle, Washington.

Family connections to Krebs began back in 1900 or 1901 before Mother and Dad married. Mother and her sister "took room and board" at Krebs for a few days. Mrs. Krebs shared her brownie recipe with Mother, and it was our favorite dessert.

Fast forward to last May. I had returned for my 90th year at the cottage and was stocking up on supplies at the P&C when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning around, I got a big hug from Jan Loveless, welcoming me back. She asked how I was doing without my late wife Edna. Somehow, that little gesture lifted my spirits, and I felt far less lonely the rest of the day.

While living in Japan in the 1950s, I was asked several times about "Klebs Lestulent" on a lake with a funny name that began with and "S." And now living in Florida, but spending summers on the lake, I am frequently asked about Krebs when I mention Skaneateles. Little did Mr. and Mrs. Krebs dream that their modest beginnings would span not only continents but more than a century as well.

Ed Littlehales

Venice, Florida

Skaneateles, NY

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