Marcellus Memories

The people of Marcellus and neighboring communities were invited to the Marcellus Historical Club to learn about the Indians of New York State at an open meeting held at St. John's Parish House. Dr. Anton Schrwelde spoke and showed pictures. Dr. Schrwelde was a well known medical doctor of Syracuse, who for several years had a hobby of taking part in Indian excavations in our section of the state. He had acquired a large collection of Indian relics. People were asked to bring arrowheads or other relics that they wanted to show and get help identifying them if needed.

Give a boy and a girl clear skies and a full moon and a time for a hay ride. Earl Dence was a chauffeur for a group of young folk on Saturday night. Bob Hart furnished the music with his guitar. The party sang western songs and their voices could be heard as they traveled through the hills surrounding Marietta. Those who joined the party were Miss Judy Dence, hostess, Bob Hart, Holly Russell, Bob and Tom Carpenter, Sally Dence, Jim Forkhammer, Joann Dence and Carl Ryan. A lunch was also served at the Dence home.

Mr. and Mrs. Allison Walby of Navarino announced the engagement of their daughter, Sheila Ann to Charles W. Kurtz, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Kurtz of Willow Dale Road. The wedding would take place in November.

"Memories of Marcellus" by Frank Griffing continue... Robert Manley moved to Marcellus from Borodino. He was the harness maker up there. He worked for me for a while. Rob was a drinking man, otherwise a good man. In order to work in the morning, he wanted 25 cents to get a half pint of whiskey. He would go over to the Alvord House and bring back the half pint and pour it down, just like running it through a funnel, then he would fill his pipe and go to work. If I drank one quarter of that stuff, I would not be able to work that day. Matt Jamieson came to Marcellus from Scotland. He learned the harness trade over there. He worked for me for awhile when he first came over. He was a good harness maker, but never learned the art of cutting. I remember making a heavy double harness for Will Hayes. Will had the express from Marcellus to Syracuse. He brought lots of goods for me and also would do my banking. He would take any amount of money in and bank the same for ten cents. In those days, I bought leather by the roll, ten sides per roll, shipped direct from the tannery which would cost around $125.00 per roll. Sometimes I was short and would have to buy a side or two from jobbers in Syracuse and then it would cost me a few cents more by the pound. (to be continued)

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