East Elizabeth street bottleneck to be fixed

Several Orchard Road residents have been contacting the village concerned about sewer back up in their basements.

Municipal director Bob Lotkowictz said he contacted three homes that had written letters before, the village DPW went to take samples, ran a quick test and didn't detect nitrogen? But also the samples were sent to a lab for further testing (ecoli) and as of the Nov. 8 meeting he was still waiting for results to come back.

He is trying to determine whether it is a groundwater or sanitary sewer issue.

Trustee Hubbard said if these people feel it is sanitary sewer backing up into their cellars, we need to pull manhole covers to see if it is backing up into the homes. It was then noted that Stearns and Wheeler had advised the village that there was a bottleneck on East Elizabeth Street, where the pipe is smaller.

"I know exactly where it is," Mayor Bob Green said.

The estimated cost of fixing this bottleneck pipe was $30,000. It was determined that there was enough money in the sewer fund to get it done, so the board voted to fix the pipe no matter the test results.

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