The original Monopoly game was called the Landlord's Game. It was designed by Elizabeth Magie Phillips to teach people about the power of monopolies. It spread to different areas of the United States, which cooped the game as their own. Charles Darrow played the Atlantic City version, which he brought to game maker Parker Brothers in 1934. It was rejected, so Darrow, being out of work because of the Great Depression, produced 5,000 handmade sets of the game. It became so popular, he couldn't keep up with production, and seeing his success, Parker Brothers now wanted in on the action. In its first commercially manufactured year, 1935, it was the best selling game in America and still has a stronghold as a prominent game played worldwide with many versions. But not until this week, had it been designed around Skaneateles. This version is called Skanopoly.

It's being brought to you by the Skaneateles Education Foundation (SEF), which has partnered with Skaneateles businesses. This lesson in economics is being used to raise funds for education opportunities for Skaneateles Central School (SCS) students, while also promoting and driving traffic to local businesses.

SEF Foundation Director, Sharon Magee said board member Miki Mahood had seen in it used in Bronxville.

"We did our dueo diligence, and it made sense because we have a visual town, a close knit community and it was a project we could partner with businesses in town," Magee said.

Skaneateles merchants are tapped all the time to support local fundraisers, which they do endlessly. But here was an opportunity to give a little extra back, Magee said, by naming the properties and other components of the game after them and also selling it through the local retail outlets.

"We knew we wanted to produce 1,000 games, and to do that, we needed to raise all of the production costs from sponsorships, totally born on the backs of the sponsors," she said. "It's a beautiful model, you don't want to use donor donated dollars to fund this type of fund raiser."

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