NFL Midseason Report

AFC South - Who to trust in this ultra-tight race? Indianapolis has stayed on course despite more injuries than anyone else, though it has to take a toll at some point, right? Tennessee has flipped QB's all the way and now is gambling that Randy Moss will stay straight and narrow, plus take some pressure off Chris Johnson. Houston began with promise (again) only to fall back (again) and stare straight at .500 mediocrity (again). Next to the Texans, Jacksonsville's effort has been stellar, but to ask that thin Jaguars lineup to hold up two more months is like believing that they'll sell out the place again.

AFC West - Here we are going through the annual San Diego Stinks It Up, Then Starts to Pay Attention In November routine, with Philip Rivers threatening Dan Marino's single-season passing yardage record without many top receivers. In the Bolts' early void, Kansas City, young and feisty and almost unnoticed, threatened to take charge, and almost did it before Oakland - yes, Oakland - surged above. 500, the most life the Silver and Black have shown in eight years. No doubt, Raiders and Chiefs fans are delighting in Denver's doldrums, and is it too soon to ask if Josh McDaniel's seat is toasty?

NFC East - In the short span of a month, the Giants have gone from flat to fab, snatching the NFC's best record by cranking up the offense while sacking (and sidelining) more passers than anyone in a long time. Will a 2009-like swoon follow? Philadelphia sure hopes so, having been redefined in the midst of Mike Vick's comeback. Washington wasn't doing too bad until the end-of-game debacle in Detroit - come on, Mike Shanahan, do you want Donovan McNabb in there or not? As for the Cowboys...well, to quote that noted sage Ron Burgundy, that really escalated. I mean, that really got out of hand fast. Clearly the NFL's worst, and that includes the Bills.

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