Skaneateles: Town talks of putting up notice of fines for vandalism

The warmer months ahead were certainly on the minds of representatives during the Skaneateles Town Board meeting Thursday May 20. It just happened to be 80 degrees and sunny out.

Unfortunately, warmer weather often means an increase in vandalism. Supervisor Terri Roney addressed Conservation Area Advisory Committee chair Betsy Sio's concerns from the May 6 board meeting over cases of vandalism to local conservation areas -- most recently, in April, a bridge on the O'Loughlin property was set on fire. Sio had asked the board to consider imposing a vandalism fine.

"We discussed the matter with Judge [Charles] Major, and people can receive up to a year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine for any vandalism at the conservation area," Roney said. "So he suggested signs be made so that can be posted visibly."

When Bill Pavlus asked, "How many signs?" Roney redirected the question back to him:

"I don't know -- how many do you think?"

"Have at least five," Pavlus said.

Pavlus and Roney discussed placing signs at various spots, including the pavilion and the kiosks. Pavlus made an astute prediction, the irony of which provoked laughter from the room.

"Probably it would be advisable to get a couple, three extras because, you know, the signs are going to get vandalized," he said.

Roney interjected, "That'll be the first thing to get vandalized."

Roney suggested getting quotes for signs before discussing the matter any further.

Ned Campbell is an intern with the Skaneateles Press.

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