From California to Central New York

This approach is what some call the new style of wedding and event photography. Such careful attention goes miles beyond the standard posed wedding shots; leaps beyond the old head and shoulders graduation photos.

"She tells the story of the wedding day as it unfolds. Even if you've never seen those people, you look at her blog and you feel like you were there like you know them and their personalities. She gets who they are and she captures it," Patterson said.

Alice Patterson said it is her mission to tell a story, whether she is shooting a wedding or a high school graduation portrait.

A photographer she admires was once asked how she gets such good photographs. The answer is one Alice shares: "I care."

"Showing up and really caring about the subject is the most important thing," she said.

She seems to bring even more than that: a modern sensibility--an edge to her work that she packed up and brought from California.

Focusing on community

She also brought her desire to connect with others in her profession. She was a member of a Pictage User Group in California, and she started one here in October of 2009. Open to all professional photographers, the group meets at her home studio for free meetings, snacks, speakers and door prizes. Speakers have included a photographer from Connecticut who did a lighting demonstration as well as a photographer from Texas who talked about branding.

"The user group has been a good way for me to get to know the photography community," she said. She has written about the fun and creative events in her blog, helping people in CNY to know their photographers.

Patterson's tagline on her web site says, "Big events and little moments you and I know that little moments make up the here and now." A look through some of the photos shows how she captures the moment.

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