B'ville schools promote a healthy start

B'ville School District awarded grant for wellness efforts

The American Dairy Association and Dairy Council (ADADC) has awarded a $1,000 grant to the Baldwinsville Central School District's Wellness Council in recognition of the district's efforts to increase breakfast participation in the district's schools.

The ADADC awarded the grant at a Wellness Summit it sponsored at the beginning of May in Rochester. Brian Wright, the district's food service director and co-chair of the Wellness Council, Kristen Foote, a guidance counselor at Baker High School and the Wellness Council's other co-chair, and Melanie Huburt, R.D., BOCES registered dietician and a member of the Wellness Council, attended the summit.

About 25 school districts from Buffalo to Syracuse sent representatives to the summit. Participants shared their strategies and ideas for increasing breakfast participation in their schools as well as for increasing the number of students who eat breakfast at home.

A healthy breakfast each morning helps students to focus in the classroom for optimal academic performance. According to Wright, breakfast purchases district-wide have increased from last year's numbers. Last April, there were 180 breakfast purchases in the district each day at the district's non-secondary schools. This April, there were 220 purchases each day.

Wright said food service has been working collaboratively with staff and administrators at Ray Middle School this year to increase the number of students purchasing breakfast in the school cafeteria. Students who are bussed to school are encouraged to obtain a special pass from the main office so that they can enter school to purchase breakfast before all the buses are unloaded. This gives students the opportunity to eat before they are required to report to their homerooms.

Wright said the number of students purchasing breakfast this year at Ray is roughly double the amount of students who purchased breakfast last year.

The district's Wellness Council will meet to discuss how to use the ADADC's grant to further the district's efforts to promote physical activity and nutrition education to Baldwinsville's students and staff.

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