Boy Power hosts Costas

Twenty Emmys, 16 for outstanding sports host or play-by-play, eight-time National Sportscaster of the Year in 1985, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1992, 1995, 1997 and 2000.

Who is this? Syracuse University Alumni Bob Costas, and guess what, he's back.

Costas, not Bryant Gumbel or Greg Gumbel as Costas told guests at the Boy Power Dinner held May 5 at the Oncenter that he has been once mistaken for each of them.

Some wondered how anyone could mistake the "face" of sports broadcasting, the face of NBC or the face of so many historic Olympic moments?

Queens to Commack to Syracuse

Costas was born in Queens, March 22, 1952. He then grew up in Commack, where he attended Commack High School.

At Commack, Costas found his "niche" for what he would later become, a broadcast journalist.

Costas had a love of sports. He especially enjoyed reading about it in the New York Times. Sometimes this would backfire, as he would get picked on for reading.

It wasn't until a school bus ride where he was catching up on the latest news when a school bully confronted him about reading the sports pages. Costas said to the bully "I can teach you how to read."

Costas told the audience at the Boy Power Dinner "That was a mistake." The bully then took Costas and picked him up by the collar and held him up against the bus window.

Costas was up against the window until the other kids "Snuck back like special ops," to save him.

This didn't stop Costas as he continued doing what he loved and that was writing and broadcasting sports stories. Though he said he did stop one thing; and that was making fun of bullies.

Costas attended Syracuse University where he prospered becoming one of the greatest broadcast journalists of his time, of all time. However, this didn't happen overnight. Costas had to work hard and that's exactly what he did.

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