B'ville BOE election: Candidate Joan Reeves

What are the issues facing the Baldwinsville Central School District?

"Our biggest issue is the major cuts in funding. We need to balance a quality education program that is affordable to the community. It is time to think outside the box. We are in tough times. We need to do more with less."

If elected, how do you intend to address those issues?

"We need to look at everything we do. How can we do it for less and/or how can we do things differently with the same result and more efficiently? We always need to look at how we can continue to get our students to achieve to their best levels to be successful. We need to continue to lobby to get rid of unfunded and under funded mandates."

When it comes to the district budget, what are your priorities?

"We have to get the entire staff involved. We need to brainstorm every area to see how we can get the job done at less cost. We need to make sure the instructional program is kept at a level where all students have the opportunity to be their best. These are the toughest times and challenges I have ever seen in education. Spending cuts have to be across the board when funding is decreased at these levels."

Regarding the budget, how do you propose to deal with federal, state and local cuts to financial aid?

"We cannot keep putting this on the taxpayer. Fortunately, we have planned for some of this, but not to these levels. We need to include everyone in brainstorming how we do the same or more with less."

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