DeVesty to launch women's seminar in Jamesville

Do you feel burned out?

DeWitt resident Renee DeVesty, founder and owner of Blossom/Take Root & Grow, is launching a unique women's self-awareness program next weekend, which will focus on the importance of balance in four core areas of women's lives: physical, financial, spiritual and emotional.

The Eagle Bulletin interviewed DeVesty on Blossom, its goals and what participants can expect to take away from this two-hour experience.

When and why was Blossom established?

Blossom was established in 2008 because I continually witnessed the conflict faced in taking care of everyone else's needs first -- the job, the spouse or partner, the kids, the house, etc. and the guilt they felt if they did something special for themselves. I wanted to implement a program that raised awareness of this 'self-neglect' and really challenge women to use their unique ability to be nurturing, supportive and compassionate to themselves first -- and watch how it positively changed every aspect of their lives.

The program has a component called Take Root & Grow. Will you please describe its significance?

Take Root & Grow is the main component of Blossom. In order to "blossom," we need to take root of where we are in our lives today -- examine how we arrived at the place we are now rooted -- and look for personal growth inside ourselves. Whatever experiences are happening at this moment, there is always room for us to look inside and find light, strength and healing.

Why should women attend this program? What makes it different from other seminars?

Blossom is unique because we focus on four core concepts of awareness in one evening -- physical, financial spiritual and emotional. Some programs are strictly financial in nature and we're told if we are financially stable, we are set for life. Some programs motivate us to be physically fit and we're told if we go to the gym five days a week, we'll be happy. But the truth is we need awareness and focus in all four areas to achieve balance, peace and contentment in our lives.

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