Are you a top ticket holder?

Have you gotten a parking ticket in the village of Skaneateles?

Don't feel too bad if you haven't paid it yet. Those who have received a parking violation or two ... or several, even, join the ranks of offenders who have until May 31 to pay the face value of the tickets in their possession under the village's amnesty period.

Topping the list of offenders is Christopher Goss of Syracuse with 48 tickets totaling $709. His name, along with nearly 100 others, was obtained by the Skaneateles Press last Thursday through a Freedom of Information request sent to the Skaneateles Police Department.

According to Skaneateles Police Chief Lloyd Perkins, some people have gone to Village Hall, 46 E. Genesee St. in Skaneateles, to pay their fines.

"When we started the program there was about $40,000 in outstanding fines," he said.

The way parking tickets were kept track of went through a transformation a few months ago after a parking committee was formed to look at the villages parking regulations and how they were enforced. Essentially, there wasn't much of a program as there was little enforcement when it came to making sure people paid fines and followed the rules.

"I think the program is much better than what we had. We are still tweaking it to make it more user friendly," Perkins said.

The program now used, iparkapp.com, allows the village to keep track of the number of outstanding tickets associated with a plate number and the name and address of the registered owner. They are also able to print out letters notifying offenders they have outstanding tickets.

Also under the new law is a provision allowing the police to place a "boot" on vehicles with unpaid fines.

Some people may be concerned with being able to pay their fines, particularly if the total is a large amount.

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