Gracious Goodies' a delicious treat

Becky was in Skaneateles from June until December 2008 and then the family returned to Florida. She passed in May 2009 near her winter home in Boca Raton after being unable to recover from the surgery.

During Becky's illness, she and her daughter talked. They talked so much, Allen began keeping notes about the stories her mother would tell.

"I had been taking notes before she became ill for a few years. She and I had talked about my writing a story about her life previous to her surgery. Her friends felt that the stories that she would tell were far more interesting than some of the books that they were reading," Allen said. "After she died, I had the task of organizing her personal things in Skaneateles and Florida. I found large expandable courier envelopes with letters that had recipes attached to them, tin boxes and plastic bags filled with recipes that she had saved."

All the recipes were dishes she had made over the course of her lifetime. Some of the recipes were Becky's mother's, some were from her mother-in-law.

"I mentioned to some close friends and family members that I would like to finally write the story about my mother's life and also publish her recipes. Everyone thought it was a wonderful idea. I did not want to see her favorite recipes or her story lost and forgotten about," Allen said. "My mother loved to entertain, she often prepared meals and took them to friends who were experiencing a hard time with a death in the family and sometimes she would just take a meal for the pure pleasure it brought to others."

A compassionate and caring woman, Becky came from a generation that Allen feels may never be duplicated. Specifically, the women of Becky's generation grew up during the Depression on farms, displaced from their families and suffering the effects of two World Wars.

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