B'ville: Ruling made in YMCA case

Dack also said that under Radisson's General Project Plan, the appropriate use of land includes minor recreation buildings and a "98,000-square-foot building is not minor."

While Dack said the group "was very pleased with the Judges ruling," he added they "will continue to take every step necessary to see that the proposed Northwest YMCA is not built at the proposed location."

The group's reasons for opposing the current site include disturbing Radisson's natural setting, increased traffic and Radisson covenants, which place restrictions on what residents may do to their properties. This same rule should apply to a facility being built in a residential section.

"[We] support the YMCA, but feel there are more appropriate locations in the commercial and industrial districts of Radisson for a business of this magnitude," Dack said.

Jeff Dack, a member of Families for REAL, points to the proposed Northwest YMCA location, which can be viewed from his back yard. Dack said the facility will not fit in with Radisson's park-like setting for residential areas and will cause traffic problems if built at the proposed location. Families for REAL is a group of Radisson residents opposed to the proposed Northwest YMCA's location on Drakes Landing near Route 31.

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