Imagining Syracuse: experience Art in Motion

National consortium of artists and scholars in public life headquartered in Syracuse are preparing for Art in Motion locally

Close your eyes. Imagine our city filled with bright life. Commerce, joy, people on the streets engaging, laughter, wonder. It's a city thriving as a place of purpose in the 21st century.

Now, back in the present, Syracuse is like one of those tiny buds pushing up from beneath the snow. Government, business, churches, restuarants, health care professionals, activists, artists, athletes, coaches, parents, law enforcement, academia, scientists, teachers, developers, historians, entertainers, entrepreneurs, students, residents and more have been working hard to repair the heart of Central New York. Can that spring life make it through the snow? Will the bud burst open? Will the flower flourish?

Syracuse is like so many other cities in a post-industrial America. The rust belt has rusted out; but not down and out. Imagining America is one more ingredient in a recipe to revitalize these cities and its headquartered right here in Syracuse.

It's a national movement

Imagining America is a consortium of 87 colleges and universities committed to strengthening the public and civic purposes of the arts, design and the humanities.

It started in Ann Arbor, Mich, but has moved to Syracuse University and is headed up by Jan Cohen Cruz, a full professor from NYU in performance studies. And when it comes to public art, ritual and spectacle. This lady has been around.

No, this isn't a case of let's come down from the hill and use the city of Syracuse as a rat in a larger experiment that will only benefit the University. This is about using the University's resources to engage in the city where it makes it home. As the city goes, so does the University.

To this purpose, Imagining America has partnered with Syracuse Stage and Open Hand Theater, two of Syracuse's long running shows to create a large-scale performance called Art in Motion.

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