Marcellus Free Library celebrates Olympics

Vancouver is not the only city celebrating the 2010 Olympics, in Marcellus the Library is hosting the 2010 Wii Winter Olympics. The athletes, with the help of Mario and Sonic, competed in many different Wii Olympic events.

On this night children 10 and up came to try their skills at such Olympic events as; alpine skiing, the downhill, giant slalom, bob sledding and figure skating. Each athlete chose a country that they were representing with a name tag of the country's flag. The countries that were represented were Russia, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Great Britain, France, Austria and the USA.

The evening began with the Skeleton competition, France was represented by Steven Welch and Ian Tock represented Switzerland. Switzerland took home the gold and received a congratulatory hand shake from the French opponent.

Debuting this year, the next event was Ski Cross; the US was heavily represented by team members Eric and Katie Olmstead and Violet Moncavage while Mackenna Caryl of Germany prevented the American sweep. Caryl took silver while the brother and sister team of Eric and Katie Olmstead took gold and bronze.

Ski jumping proved to be the age old "agony of defeat." Britain's Zac Mcdonough lost control in mid air and stumbled over the finish line. Mike Mort of Germany took the silver with his precision landing that the Germans are famous for. USA's Violet Moncavage struggled with her landing also, while Eric Olmstead again struck Gold with a pinpoint landing.

All athletes performed well and had a grand time at the closing ceremonies where they enjoyed snacks and congratulated each other on their performances. This was the second time the Wii Olympic Games were hosted by the Marcellus Library; the 2008 Wii Olympic Summer Games were also hosted at the Library.

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