The State's financial fiasco

To the editor:

We, the people of New York State, just cannot understand why the leaders in Albany cannot get their act together and work together to solve this crisis.

As intelligent humans, we realize there is going to have to be some new taxes and hopefully reduced spending in order to improve the budget. Why does it have to be balanced in one year's time?Set up a plan to reduce the spending by a percentage each year for the next five or 10 years.

Along with the reduced spending, again set up a percentage of cuts in the critical places like Medicare, Medicaid and education. It can't all be done at once.

The next thing that must happen is reduce all the bennies and perks, no salary raises for all legislators, assemblymen, etc. and they all need to pay for their own medical insurance coverage like we have to. And, as they are not doing their job, they should not be paid at all.

If the average citizen did not do the job they were hired to do, they would be fired. So should the government leaders.

We, the people, are being unfairly punished. We are losing our jobs, our homes, our medical insurance, a whole lifestyle and are being forced to move out of New York State. Are our government leaders losing their jobs, homes, medical insurance and a lifestyle? No, they are not.

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