Potential Clay zoning changes spark criticism

"It could be more intense with single-family houses -- cars backing out of the driveways into Buckley Road," Camperlino said. "That would likely create more traffic than what we're proposing."

But Camperlino's presentation didn't assuage the concerns of residents or board members.

"Why didn't you do any type of engineering or provide us with a map?" asked Councilor Robert Edick. "If you had some kind of map or drawing with some engineering so that we could see where parking is, where your detention basin is going to be, so that we could be more prepared, or if you had come to this board and said, 'Okay, the residents are in favor of this setup ' I thought you were going to work with the local community and get those issues resolved before this meeting."

Camperlino said that, with no user for the property, the owners were unable to conduct any kind of engineering or work on the site.

"It's probably going to be medical, I would suspect," Edick said. "But say it's an accounting office. This board's trying to look at what you want, but we also have to consider what the residents want. And we have to see some type of engineering before we can make a decision Otherwise, why make the zone change now? Why not wait until you have a tenant?"

"The problem is that there's infinite variables," Camperlino said. "I don't know how we can give you those answers until we have someone that we're dealing with [who will be using the property]."

Traffic was a top concern among residents of the area.

"The traffic is outrageous," said Char Taft of Cliffton Drive, off Briarledge. "If they put in an office building there, come about 5 in the afternoon, good luck going left. That traffic light at Bear Road is backed up beyond Waxwood. You don't get out. It's ridiculous."

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