Commentary: Livin' in Liverpool June 30

So I can imagine how much enthusiasm the rest of the world is experiencing right now over the World Cup. But for me -- even though I relish a 1-0 pitcher's duel -- I have a hard time getting excited about games, like soccer, in which a typical score is nil-nil.

I suspect that the soccer scene in the U.S. has blossomed partly because it's a great participatory sport. I played on a club team briefly back in high school, and was amazed to learn how to kick with the outside of my right foot. Before that, I'd always used my toe.

Anyhow, given the budget problems faced nowadays by virtually all school districts, high-school athletic departments find it far less expensive to field boys' and girls' soccer teams than almost any other sport except maybe track.

Sadly, for all Italian futbol fans whether living on the boot or on the North Side or here in Liverpool, Italy was one of the first teams eliminated from this year's World Cup competition.

Limping in

Looks like Mother's restaurant will morph into a Limp Lizard barbecue after all.

The LL catering truck was spotted in front of the First Street eatery on June 7 and again June 19, the day after a sign went up indicating the place is "closed for renovations."

Further confirmation came at the June 21 village board meeting when property owner Tommy Juliano informed the trustees of plans to install some new equipment a smoker grill perhaps?

Did you feel it?

Our bunny rabbit sure did! In fact, he felt it long before the rest of us.

On the morning of the 5.0 earthquake out of Quebec which reverberated here in CNY, Pookah had refused to budge from his cage. In fact he laid there prone, with his little legs clinging to his sawdust floor. The quake struck a few hours later at 1:41 p.m. Wednesday, June 23. Next morning, Pookah hopped around the house as usual, happy that his world had stopped shaking.

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