B'ville: A night to remember

KBR after-ball party a success

Spending a weekend night at school with a bunch of parents isn't a typical high school student's idea of a good time.

Last fall, many Baker High School seniors' image of attending an all-night parent-sponsored celebration was like something from a bygone era. Some were expecting June Cleaver with chocolate chip cookies, an army of parents, teachers and administrators enforcing an array of rules and regulations, and whole lot of nothing to do.

But that was before Keep the Ball Rolling came to Baker.

The first annual KBR celebration attracted 388 students - roughly 80 percent of those who attended the senior ball. Parents, teachers and administrators did their best to get students interested.

They had to overcome the resistance of kids thinking they'd come back to school to an ordinary school function, so they made it look like a Hollywood after-party, not the same place they go every day. Seniors and their dates were greeted by paparazzi and a search light while walking the red carpet leading into the all-night drug and alcohol-free event.

Once inside, attendees passed by inflatable statues of Oscar and found themselves transformed into a world of Hollywood mania complete with hundreds of movie posters and life-size cutouts from some of their favorite movies. Seniors found the cafeteria lined with linens, tables of soda, popcorn, snacks and a giant candy-filled table that would give you a sugar rush just standing near it.

Attendees could be found participating in many activities scattered throughout the building laser-tag, sumo wrestling, dancing, karaoke, basketball, Omniken ball, volleyball, foosball, can-jam, ping-pong or just chillin' in the giant entanglement. Many took the opportunity to preserve their evening by capturing their images in the photo-booth, wrote messages to class mates on the giant Wall of Fame, while others found quieter areas to reminisce about moving up day, the ball and their senior year.

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