No smoking policy considered in B'ville

Village seeks input regarding no smoking policy

Officials are considering adopting no smoking policies in certain areas throughout the village of Baldwinsville.

According to Village Trustee Bruce Stebbins, Baldwinsville is the last municipality in the county to consider adoption of no smoking policies in public areas such as Mercer, McHarrie and Community parks.

Several years ago, Onondaga County asked village officials to consider creating a local law prohibiting smoking in village parks and the village opted against the law as it would have been difficult to enforce, Stebbins said. Since then, the county has requested municipalities consider creating a policy rather than a local law to encourage visitors to refrain from smoking in specified areas of public property such as near playgrounds and swimming areas.

The village board has requested Onondaga County provide additional reference materials regarding the policy, which has been modified and adopted in surrounding municipalities. The town of Van Buren recently enacted a no smoking policy in pool areas and playgrounds where children play. Rather than create no smoking areas, Lysander enacted a policy designating smoking areas in the town park. Once policies are adopted, Onondaga County supplies all the signage.

Village officials would like feedback from the community to determine what areas, if any, should be designated as no smoking. For example, should there be no smoking at all in McHarrie Park or just in the museum and play area.

"We're not trying to create laws to determine whether a person should smoke or not smoke," Stebbins said. "We're just trying to create safe zones."

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