The Cheese Stands Alone' in Marcellus

A talented array of colorful characters, eccentric farm animals and delectable cheeses from around the world filled the stage as Janet Kringer's third grade class and Dean Kloss' first grade class staged the musical comedy play "The Cheese Stands Alone."

Kringer and Kloss directed this delightful music and dance production which focused on the concept of standing up for what you believe in. Featured performers included Nick Roseboom and Shane Manthey on "It's the Cheese," Jake Sheridan on "All Alone," and Jim Farrell, Emma Hutchings, Shannon Linn, Daniel Balman, Megan Rynkiewicz, Taylor Germain, Tristan Parlin, and Tyler Chjernoff on "Hot Time in Cheese Town." The play also spotlighted the theatrical debut of K.C. Heffernan Principal Gary Bissaillon who acted out his part as he was guided by fellow "telegram boy" Donovan Cox.


Farmers - Nick Roseboom and Shane Manthey

Wives - Emma Hutchings and Shannon Linn

Nurses -Megan Rynkiewicz and Sami Tone

Children - Taylor Germain and Julianna Szczech

Dogs - Gwen Cox and Brandon Desso

Cats - Zoe Hainey and Tea Mealy

Mr. Rat - Sean Madden

Cheesy - Jake Sherican

Pizza Boy - Drayden George

Telegram Boys - Donavan Cox and Mr. Bissaillon

Letters - Riley LaFrance, Daniel Balman, Jim Farrell, Tyler Chernoff, Paul Colagiovanni, Tristan Parlin

The Cheeses of the World

Velveeta - Riley LaFrance

Swiss Cheese - Megan Rynkiewicz

Fondue - Taylor Germain

Brie - Emma Hutchings

Camenbert - Julianna Szczech

Buffalo Mozzarella - Paul Colagiovanni

Gorgonzola - Tristan Parlin

Gouda - Jim Farrell

Limburger - Daniel Balman

Feta - Shannon Linn

Sharp Cheddar - Tyler Chernoff

Scarletta - Sami Tone

Nacho Cheese - Brandon Desso

Blue Cheese - Tea Mealy

Cream Cheese - Drayden George

Cottage Cheese - Zoe Hainey

Parmesan - Sean Madden

Cheese Whiz - Shane Manthey

Monterey Jack - Nicholas Roseboom

Muenster - Gwen Cox

Dell Farm Animals

Cows - Bridget Manahan and Abigail Ray

Goats - Bella Clark, Suzanne Kammer, Audrey Plogman, James Scherer

Sheep - McKinzie Gutchess, Madison Strait, Sebastian LaVine, Paul Stewart

Chickens - Emily Demperio, Arianna Olivo, Alexander Chekan, Connor Reagan

Pigs - Nicholas DeCapio, Kyle Fournier

Horses - Alex Moroz, Keith Searle, Colton Watkins

Ducks - Hannah Durand, Ryan Worden

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