Fowl language at Caz Village Board

Caz resident says village code should allow for chickens

William Wester, of Farnham Street, thinks village residents should be allowed to raise chickens.

"We're not looking to start any chicken farms," Wester said, "just 4 or 5 chickens per house."

Wester presented to the Village of Cazenovia board on Monday June 7.

Wester said several other cities and townships allow chickens, but it is currently against village code.

While he said there may be some negatives, he said there are many more positives.

"I believe it develops certain things like responsibility in children and knowing where your food comes from," Wester said. "They're productive pets. You would want them to lay eggs and four chickens could probably feed a family of four more eggs than they would need in a week."

He has proposed a certain allowable space in the backyard, with a maximum of six chickens. They would have to be confined as to not bother neighbors.

There would be no roosters, Wester said, "so there's no real noise issue."

Wester said his neighbors seemed to be in favor of the change to village code.

Wester planned to go door-to-door gathering signatures for a petition -- and to gain public input -- before the meeting.

What if he encounters resistance to the idea?

"I don't think that will change my idea or my enthusiasm," Wester said. "It may just refine it a little bit."

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