Commentary: Livin' in Liverpool June 2

Stacey Castor is keeping killer company

Convicted murderer Stacey Castor is keeping killer company.

And I don't mean those violent femmes among her new friends at Bedford Hills.

No, the Wetzel Road black widow is listed on the Internet among the world's most infamous husband-killers.

An offbeat Web site called Oddee.com ranks the former Clay homemaker among the "10 Most Cruel Wives" in history.

(Never mind that the superlative of cruel is cruelest. This is the Internet, don't forget, where editing and proofreading are long-forgotten arts.)

Anyhow, Castor was sent to prison last year after being found guilty of fatally dosing her husband, David Castor, with antifreeze in 2005 and then trying to blame that dastardly act on her teenage daughter, Ashley, whom she attempted to kill in 2007 by administering an overdose of booze and pills.

'No value on human life'

In February 2009, Castor was successfully prosecuted by Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick and Chief Assistant District Attorney Christine Garvey. The defendant -- who's also suspected of poisoning her first husband, Michael Wallace, in Weedsport in 1999 -- was sentenced to at least 50 years behind bars by County Judge Joe Fahey.

"She is cold, calculating and without any emotion for what she has done," Fahey said at her sentencing. "Human life is sacred. Stacey Castor places no value on human life, not even her own flesh and blood. To Stacey Castor, human beings are disposable."

ABC-TV newsman David Muir (a former local anchorman at WTVH-TV 5) covered Castor's trial for 20/20, presenting a special edition of the TV news magazine to a nationwide audience April 24, 2009. That two-hour 20/20 was telecast again last Friday, May 28.

A 'Most Cruel' wife

Castor is listed at No. 2 among Oddee.com's "10 Most Cruel Wives." She's right between Katherine Knight -- an Australian woman who butchered, cooked and served her husband for dinner to her kids -- and Valeria Messalina -- the nymphomaniac-prostitute wife of Emperor Claudius.

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