Cicero comptroller reveals Brewerton expenditures

Cicero Town Board discusses spending on Brewerton Revitalization

During the May 26 Cicero Town Board meeting, the town's comptroller, Shirlie Stuart, presented the Brewerton Revitalization Project figures to board members and resident who were in attendance.

Stuart brought the up-to-date grant information and expenditures to the table after Cicero Supervisor Judy Boyke asked that the town become fully aware of the total of funds spent toward the project.

Boyke said these numbers will continue to be updated and made available to the public.

"It's the taxpayers' money," Boyke said. "They should know how their money has been spent."

Several grant opportunities outlined below require matching funds and "upfront spending," according to Stuart who said money must be spent before federal funds can be received.

Local Waterfront Revitalization Program:

Phase 1 - $250K grant, 50 percent match required - $125K for the preliminary phase. As of May 26, the town has spent $113,876.64 out of pocket with grants totaling $111,376.66.

Phase 2 - $275K grant, 50 percent match required - $137,500 for the park

Phase 3 - $254,500 grant, 50 percent match required - $127,250 for the streetscape

Phase 4 - Application submitted for $250K grant (not yet approved as of May 26) for the boardwalk - local match $125K

Sen. Schumer Grant:

Preliminary - $230K which will be returned at a rate of 100 percent. However these funds must be spent before the state will reimburse the town of Cicero.

As of May 26, the town has spent $114,087.20 and has received $102,682,53 in grants with a total of $11,404.67 out of pocket.

$535K - local match of 20 percent $107K - no spending has taken place under this grant


Between 2006 and May 26, 2010, the town has spent $828,473.56 out of pocket toward Brewerton Revitalization efforts.

Thus far, the town has received $214,059.19 in grant reimbursement, making the total cost to the town $614,414.37.

In order to move forward, the town must come up with $497,450 in matching grants. If the town continues with these figures the total town share would be $1,112.164.37.

Town comptroller Shirlie Stuart supplied these figures to residents and the Cicero Town Board during the May 26 board meeting.

Attached photo depicts an overview of the Oneida Riverfront in Brewerton.

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