Green candidate - Donnelly - enters race for 119th Assembly

Mike Donnelly is the son of Professor Samuel Donnelly Emeritus of Syracuse University College of Law and Doctor Mary Ann Donnelly Emeritus of Le Moyne College Business School. His family has been working for social justice in Syracuse for three generations, they have been involved with Jail Ministry, Legal Services, the Catholic Worker, and the Peace Movement.

Donnelly issued the following statement in making his announcement:

"Our Platform comes down to food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education and employment. Everyone needs these things and everyone has to have a fair chance to earn them. Our Federal representatives made big promises in the last election, promise they have failed to follow through on. It is time for us to take action at the state level.

"We will be seeking universal single payer health care for all New Yorkers. Single payer is the best plan to ensure coverage of all citizens. The current plan of public coverage for the poor and private coverage for the rich and employer-based care sometimes provided for the working class leaves many without coverage and the Federal reforms have not changed that. Single payer is the most effective way to ensure that the money spent on health care will actually be spent on health care rather than lawyers, salesmen, and paperwork.

"We need employment not unemployment benefits. Private sector jobs are best, but when the private sector cannot provide enough jobs, the people still need to work. We need to create Employment Offices where anyone who needs work can go to find a job that pays a living wage. If necessary we should reconstitute a state version of the Roosevelt-Era Works Progress Administration. I have in my life been out of work. I have received unemployment benefits. It is not good for a person to be without work, even if he is still receiving money. A person needs to feel that he is doing something worthwhile and earning the money he receives.

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