Town members voice support for shared services between village, towns

During citizen's comments at the Village of Baldwinsville's last board meeting, Andy Reeves, Lysander resident and chairman of the Plainville fire commissioner board, spoke out in support of increased shared services between the village and two towns.

"Shared services is a proactive approach we ought to be taking," said Reeves, citing that the Village's central location and relationship with the two towns poses "an opportunity to be on the cutting edge."

Mayor Joe Saraceni said the Village shares many of its resources, citing the fuel storage depot that both the Village and the school district use as an example, which saves residents "a substantial amount of money."

The Village also loans equipment for paving.

Reeves went on to comment that the pensions and benefits are redundant costs when the three municipalities could cooperate and reduce these expenditures.

"These things are what kills us, but so far it's been a hands-off mentality," he said. "Now we're looking for some leadership from the Village board."

Trustee Stebbins voiced his support for inter-municipal cooperation, but added that he has long been frustrated with the feeling of futility created by complex bureaucratic issues and the high costs of studies associated with shared services. Saraceni agreed, citing issues of fair funding, combining unionized services with non-unionized ones, as well as where leadership would originate, among other problems.

However, the mayor said, "It takes three to tango. But if there's a common good, we need to start doing what's best for all the municipalities."

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