Commentary: Livin' in Liverpool July 14

What else could he do? Two years ago, Obama promised to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and American voters loudly agreed by sending the first black man ever to the White House.

Like most politicians, however, once he won office Obama quickly forgot his promises. In the 18 months since that ground-breaking election, the president and his Democrat-controlled Congress have only increased U.S. involvement in overseas wars.

Maffei favors military withdrawal

Though he didn't do it here on Memorial Day, Maffei maintains an admirable anti-war position.

"We should have gotten our soldiers out of Afghanistan a year and a half ago," the congressman told a WSYR-AM radio audience July 8. Noting this district's "shallow support" for the desert wars, Maffei has boldly questions the president's ever-more-militant policies.

"I would prefer that we, you know, basically do a withdrawal," Maffei suggests.

Nevertheless, the freshman congressman has voted in favor of nearly a dozen appropriations bills for military might and increased intelligence. Well, Dan's a politician and politicians sometimes say one thing and do another.

Wars go on and on an on

So, with support from Congress, Obama shows no inclination to curtail the wars. Buerkle joins in the commander-in-chief's aversion to pacifism.

"America must project strength to the world, foe and friend alike," she has stated. "We can't do this if we limit our choices for dealing with the enemy."

Regardless of the Democrats' broken promise to end the wars, Maffei will easily win re-election but not because of his anti-war stance or pro-war votes. No, he'll win because he's renting the best-located campaign headquarters in Onondaga County, right here at 318 Oswego St., where 35,000 motorists will see his name plastered above the plate-glass windows every single day through Nov. 2.

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