Cicero supervisor appoints constituent ombudsperson

Cicero supervisor announces ombudsperson to promote open government

Cicero Supervisor Boyke has appointed Pam Williamson, the supervisor office secretary, as the constituent ombudsperson. The creation of this new position will make it easier for town residents to contact town government personnel on all matters. If a resident has a question, complaint, suggestion or needs any kind of assistance, they will be encouraged to contact Pam Williamson. The ombudsperson will take their call or personal inquiry and act on it in the most prompt and efficient manner possible.

The constituent will be given direction or action will be taken on their behalf; meaning their inquiry will be directed to the appropriate town representative or to others outside of town government.

The ombudsperson will keep a precise record of the inquiry and will insure each matter has been handled appropriately and expediently.

All town board members will have access to each inquiry record and will be encouraged to review with each constituent their concerns on a regular basis. Board member office hours will also be established soon.

The supervisor will ask for discussion of a new program to provide regular office hours for all town board members.

It will be recommended that twice a month (including a Saturday morning and evening session that one or two board members be available for constituents to meet with personally at the Cicero Town Hall.

Constituents can discuss any matter at that time, and voice questions, complaints or suggestions. Board members will keep a record of constituent visits and upon request share such information with other board members.

Boyke "said their goal was to make town government as accessible and resident friendly as possible."

She said residents should feel that they can participate whenever possible and receive town services in the most efficient manner. These new programs will move us in that direction.

"We also intend to announce further details so residents will be fully informed as to how to best participate," Boyke said.

Also, additional programs will be announced in the near future.

"Our goal," Boyke said. "Cicero will be a leader in providing open government to our citizens."

Contact Information for Constituent Ombudsperson:

Pamela Williamson

Telephone: 699-1414, ext. 334

Office hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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