A modest proposal

The Sports pages give the news that Hofstra University has dropped football, after 72 years, because of costs and fading interest. The school will use the $4.5 million spent annually on the team and on scholarships. Perhaps the people of Long Island got tired of the constant pounding, resulting in carnage. This may be the beginning of a trend.

On the local front, according to information included in the report issued by the Syracuse University chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) for the Academic Year 2008, and from newspaper articles, the coaches of major SU sports earn about twice as much as the Chancellor of the University. Readers can make up their own minds as to whether there is something wrong with this.

The coaches reportedly earn more than a million dollars a year. Chancellor Nancy Cantor's salary in 2009 is $550,000.

There has been an eerie silence from the academe on this. Maybe there is embarrassment or shame. One article reported that SU faculty and other officials were hesitant to discuss the subject. An assistant coach is quoted as saying that publishing the salaries was in "poor taste." We think not.

Because it is the most prominent and important institution in our city, publishing facts and figures documenting status, finances, and priorities is a service to the citizens.

The salaries of English professors are also instructive. The median yearly salary of full professors is $105,000.

Prior to the Rutgers game 11 players (enough for a team) were injured and were on the bench. Football, a very physical game.

Our university, such a fine institution, is number one in so many ways; this inspires me to make a proposal. Here is an additional use for the Dome, one that will not cause injury, only enjoyment and pleasure:

Feature poetry reading. Syracuse University could be the first in the nation to hold poetry readings in a football stadium.

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