Seriously Bad Water

"Water is when you mix PCP and embalming fluid and then you smoke it, known to be use by deep in druggies."

"A joint/cigarette dipped in Liquid PCP/angel-dust, NOT formaldehyde or actual 'embalming fluid.' PCP is dissolved in ether, and the joint is dipped in it."

"A cigarette dipped in PCP. An organic solvent such as formaldehyde maybe used to extract the PCP, thereby making it available for dipping repeatedly. Smoking embalming fluid, sherming, all refer to the PCP high. The smoking of formaldehyde alone is commonly confused with PCP. Sherm is often associated with gang related activities."

"Ok, everyone, SHERM (From Nate Shermans) is a cigarette dipped in formaldehyde, which is embalming fluid. It is not PCP. A sherm stick will run you ten dollars per cigarette in LA, and you will probably have to provide your own, so make sure it's a 100 type cigarette."

"A cigarette or weed dipped in embalming fluid."

"A smoking substance which is made from a mix of PCP and embalming fluid."

Hudson said the substance she is familiar with comes in a little bottle, and users dip a tobacco or marijuana cigarette into the liquid and smoke it. That immediate feeling of superiority comes on, a disconnection from reality with a high lasting up to 6 hours. When you come down, you have no memory of your actions. Over time this water creates psychotic episodes for the users and there is brain damage from the get go. Also, it is highly addictive with cravings starting from your first puff.

"This agent isn't presently illegal unless it's used with marijuana," Hudson said.

Officer Burdick confirms Hudson's information regarding water being used in Syracuse and emphasizes the brain damage factor.

And it's not just used by men, young women, too. The drug intensifies emotions; brings out the dark side or entity within you and magnifies it said Martin-Hargrett. "Women are emotional creatures, especially young women mothering children."

Mothers Against Gun Violence is trying to get the word out about this substance in hopes of putting an end to the practice.

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